I started designing with polymer clay in early 2019.  As I continued working with this medium I found I loved it so much.  What I find so great about polymer clay is that its super light-weight, so you can wear the most fab statement styles without the heaviness.  

View your polymer clay pieces as little works of art because they are.  No two pieces are exactly alike so expect variations in color and patterns because thats what makes each piece unique.  Remember these earrings are hand-made with the utmost of care but expect slight variations, thats the beauty of hand made.   

Our Process

I start with the highest quality of polymer clay.  I then decide on the colors I want to work with. The clay must be softened and kneaded to become moldable. To achieve certain colors and shimmer I may blend two to six colors to acquire that perfect tone.  The clay slab is then rolled out to the desired thickness.  Textured patterns may be added to the clay as well as silk screen painting or hand painting and then the shapes are cut.  I then carefully lift and place the pieces onto a special tray to be baked and cured.  Now the not so fun part of wet sanding begins. We often use up to six different grades of sand paper to attain the desired smoothness. This is time consuming but it is so very important. Lastly the pieces are buffed or polished depending on the desired effect. The design is now laid out and we determine where we need to drill the pieces.  We then assemble the pieces to create all of our unique designs.  A lot of love goes into each piece and we hope you enjoy wearing your little work of art. No two are alike unless we were to make solid color patterns.  

Polymer Care and Cleaning

Polymer clay is slighting flexible but don’t bend your pieces and handle them with care.  Metals can scratch your clay so store them in the box you received them in or away from other jewelry. Keep your pieces away from make up, perfumes, essential oils, lotions, and hair spray.  To clean your clay use a Qtip or soft clothe dipped in water and gently rub to remove a spot.  Depending on your earwire or post all descriptions are listed so you will know how to clean them.  You can read under our jewelry care section how to care for your different metals.